Tribarians is a fast paced brawl runner. Different tribes has to decide who has to be sacrificed to their almighty god. The Tribarians therefore have to run in laps, where smackin’, throwing or outrunning are the only moves that can make you the winner! All tricks allowed - May the best tribarian get mercy from the almighty tribe god!


- This game is designed around being multipalyer so that you can enjoy it together with your friends! See who will be the first Tribarian and brag about your skills to your friends! (Make them get the game of course)


- Tribarians features a variety of different weapons, from melee to thrown! Weapons slow down your opponents or even kill them, but be aware, each weapon has limited uses! Master your weapon and become the ultimate Tribarian.


- Each map in Tribarian will eventually (at random of course) change making the map a bit harder to master! Avoid the vulcano's molten boulder - or the the sharks that will snap up from the ocean - Thunder! Nothing is determined!


Here you can follow the game's development in four subjects:


This is the team working on TRIBARIANS

NF Mynster

Creator and developer

Rasmus Sørensen

Modeller, designer and animator


NF Mynster, CEO of Mynster Entertainment. Mynster Entertainment